To Kill a Dragon

Internal Tsalaxa Notification: Highest Security Clearance Needed to Obtain

*This communication is intended for only Patron Family Members and Top Tsalaxa Officials only. Anyone distributing this information outside of those persons will be executed. All names have been omitted to protect all involved.

From the desk of [name deleted]:

Early this morning our Tsalaxa house informants based in Draj informed main Draj command that Lestria Wavir had entered this city with just a guard of five Mul fighters. This was an unprecedented opportunity to gain a huge advantage against our main rivals, as Lestria Wavir is much more than just a figurehead for their trading house. However, any operation must not be linked back to Tsalaxa in any way, as both Draj officials and other Trading Houses would shun us if they found out of our ultimate plans, and we would be stuck trading with the already known brutes of Stel.

While Lestria Eavis traveled to meet with high level Templars in the city center, we put the call out through our clandestine channels for assassins of the highest quality. An hour later two master assassins, [name deleted] and [name deleted] met with the [name deleted] and received their instructions: 300 gold pieces each with Lestria Wavir captured alive, and 150 GP each with proof of her death, with 50 GP each up front. Any means necessary were acceptable, although they had to make sure Tsalaxa was not in any way connected to this action. After the assassins snuck out the back door of Tsalaxa HQ, we made sure our informants kept tabs on them.

Initially the two assassins made their way to the Wavir Emporium and compound in Draj, and easily gained access. We do not have complete records of their activity in the compound, but through windows and other access points we discovered they were able to inspect every piece of Wavir written correspondence, eavesdrop and obtain information about Lestria Wavir’s plans and map the entire compound as they moved through it. We also caught glimpses of an altercation in which the assassins killed two Wavir guards that had wandered onto their trail. Done in about 5 seconds and without a sound, these two assassins may be the best two in the entire city.

From there the assassins made way into the Wavir warehouse, but a careless stumble caused them to be noticed. The managed to escape the warehouse using psionic noise and light trickery, although at least a dozen more Wavir guards were waiting for them outside the warehouse. The assassins easily outran them however, as after three blocks of winding through Draj alleys they lept onto the rooftops of the Trading district, leaping the gaps between buildings like a kank over a crack in the cobblestones, and the Wavir guards has no chance to catch them.

After disappearing for a while, we picked the assassins back up tailing the Wavir compound commander making his way to the City center with 6 mul guards around sundown. As he made his way through the main gate, the two assassions easily lept the city center wall. they were able to make their way to the back of the Templar’s main compound, where they gathered the necesary intelligence – Lestria Wavir was not staying the night. After her meetings with the Templars were finished she would rejoin here heavily armed mekillot caravan outside the city and depart Draj.

At this time the Templar commander caught the faintest of noises and deduced the presence of outsiders. The assassins made a quick getaway, this time using the alleys and rooftops to elude over 3 dozen city guards and templars. At one point [name deleted] saw one fly twenty feet in the air as dumbfounded guards looked on. The skill and grace at which these two assassins made their way around the roofs of Draj was like a sorcerer-king magic ballet.

Once their trail had again gone cold they made preparations for their final action – a smash and grab for Lestria Wavir as she departed the city. She was making way for the city gate with the leader of Wavir’s Draj compound and 11 Mul guards. as they made the turn south for the gate along the main road, the assassins struck. One, on a roof on the east side of the street, unleashed a hellish psionic attack that injured most of the Muls and Lestria. Then the other, from a two story roof on the west side of the street came flying down, sword drawn. After a double backflip on the descent he drove his blade directly into Lestria Wavir’s chest cavity, a true a precise strike, and she instant crumpled to the ground. He grabbed her lifeless body and sprang onto a rooftop on the other side of the street, joining his companion.

Despite being surprised and injured, the Mul guards sprang into action, and the assassins could not escape carrying the body of Lestria Wavir, so they did the only thing they could – stand and fight. Swords drawn they fought bravely, defending their prize. Using some psionic power to send Muls flying off the roof and to gain hand-to-hand advantage over the Muls, the assassins proved their skill, as they were ultimately able to slay 8 of the 11 Muls and driving the remaining 3 within an inch of their lives. Only a lucky strike from one Mul’s carrakal, that knocked one of the assassins unconscious, saved Lestria Wavir. The remaining assassin gathered the unconcious body of his companion and fled the scene. The Muls and the Wavir Draj commander gathered Lestria Wavir body and returned it to her caravan outside the city. Our informants surmise that she will unfortunately make a recover and was not killed, although she may never again be fully healthy, due to the sever damage from the amazing flying-double-backflip rapier strike directly into her chest cavity.

While ultimately Lestria Wavir was not captured or killed, we still commend the two assassins for a job well done, and we believe those 100 GP paid upfront was an excellent investment. Seemingly able to defeat any adversary save the sorcerer king himself, we know who to contact the next time we need services.



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