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This is a chronological catalog of major updates to the wiki. If you change the wiki in a meaningful way, please record that change, and possibly a rationale, here. Thank you. Incidentally, the dates are all anchors, so you could link a change to its change log entry.

Addendum: please sign your changes. For instance, preface a list of changes like this, “Your Name:”. Unsigned changes will be assumed to belong to Gravedigga, so I don’t have to back track and sign every entry on the log from the last nine months. Thanks.


noleafclover: Added Here once the embattled farmers stood to the Adventure Log.


dwarven_power: Added The (Relative) Calm Before the Urikan Storm to the Adventure Log.


This week’s update was utterly daunting. As a result, many of the updates are cursory. Added Minthur, Terthani, Freydlav, and Council of Tyr to the Groups page. Added Vildeen, Turloff, Sintha, Jaseela, Caletta, Janus, Mathias, Girias, Trevalis, to the Persons page. Updated Azzer and Banther on the same.


Added Agis, Banther, Etheros, and Sadira to the Persons page. Also updated Neeva on the same.


Added Tithian to the Persons page.


dwarven_power: Added All Roads Lead to (or Stay In) Tyr to the Adventure Log.


Added Nok to the Persons page and Gaj, Venerable Gaj, B’rohg Hunter, and B’rohg Warrior to the Other section of the Creatures page.


Added Telekinetic Force, Read Thoughts, and Amnesia to the Wild Talents page.


Added Morvak and Cruerex to the Persons page. Added Control Body and Psychic Veil to the Wild Talents page.
noleafclover: Added Red Leader, Standing By to the Adventure Log.


Added Azzer, Leta, Mahlanda, R’kus, and Xanyon to the Persons page. Added Guild of the Hammer and House Fenek to the Groups page.


Bescoto: Added “Escape from Slavery, Rebel Rendezvous” to adventure log


I realized at one of the sessions that the Jarko Gladiator was too tough to serve as a “generic” Mul stat block. So I added the Mul Laborer to the Mul section and Half Giant Half Wit to the Half Giant section.


Missing update entry. Tigone and Tembo added to Other section of Creatures page. Also added Western Stone Initiates and Disciples (one Human, one Dwarven of each) to the same.


Moved Silk Wyrm and Salt Zombie into the Other and Undead visible areas of the Creatures page. Also added Brine Zombie, Tyrian Shock Troop, Adros Mul Captain, Lich (Human Wizard), Tactical Assassin, Wight, Dune Runner Wight, and Skeleton to the Creatures page in the various appropriate secions. Added Toth and Wheelock to the Persons page.


bloodofheroes: Added “Why are we getting this thing, anyway?” to adventure log.


bescoto: Added “you can fool all of the people some of the time” to adventure log.


Noleafclover: Added “Living the Good Life: Draug the Guard’s Recollections” to adventure log.


Noleafclover: Updated Lodewijk’s character page to reflect increased ability scores and skills. Specifically, the bump in Con and Endurance, and the ripple effects on Fort, hit points & surges, etc.


Updated the Creatures page to include kanks and reflect the hit points discussion for larger than man-sized monsters.


Added mechanical data for Urster. Added a bunch of stuff to Creatures including statistics for the beasts of burden under Other. Overhauled the House Rules page to represent how we are actually playing the game.


Added mechanical data for Saradac and Adelard to the Persons page.
Noleafclover: added The Road to Ledopolus to the Adventure Log.


Added Shardivan to the Persons page. Added mechanical data to Ganolo, Linder, and Orel on the same. Decided to put the “Wicked Assassin” and the “Deft Assassin” on the Creatures page for mechanical reference.


Added Lestria Wavir to the Persons page.


Updated the descriptions of Aristes and Anavias based on the character reconciliation forum thread, Who are these guys?


Added Jedra, Aristes, Anavias, and Limrick to the Persons page. Added Fort Amber, Fort Kalvis, Abalath, and Fort Skonz to the Places page.


Added Gaefal, Linder, and Orel to the Persons page.


Changed “Merchant Houses” page to Groups page. Created a new header inclusive of Creatures and Groups and distributed to all (almost all?) current pages. Added a bunch of content to Creatures, most of which is hidden. Deleted the “Creature Catalogue” entry under “Characters”.


Clover: Added Losthome entry to Merchant Houses page. Added “Lodewijk’s Ante Adventure” to adventure log.

Gravedigga: Created the Creatures page, with all of the enemies fought so far visible. Added Losthome to the Places page. Added Alu, Adelard, Saradac, Urster, Zivlil, Mogg-lul, T’Klick’Chik, and Tuga Dai to the Persons page.


Clover: Added “Finding the Jura Dai” entry into adventure log.


Added “Back on our feet” entry into adventure log. Updated Persons, Merchant Houses, and Places to reflect the most recent adventure.


Updated Persons and Merchant Houses by adding Orodin, Korgan, and Clearwater Tribe.


Updated Persons and Places and created Merchant Houses. Rewrote the page header (again) will be distributed in the next few days to all pages.


Added Persons and Places with content to follow later. Created House Rules Discussion for keeping track of all the talking points about our custom rules. The House Rules page will become a simple listing of house rules for easy reference without all the noise of the thoughts. That’s what the discussion page is for. Rewrote the page header…it will be distributed in the next few days to all pages.


Wild Talents!.


Tweaked Whoa! No levels? again. This will probably move a lot over the coming weeks. Added Silent Spirits to account for some Primal stuff.


Added a little more text to Whoa! No Levels? and Attack Skills to add further explanation to some possible confusing points. Wrote rules for Encumbrance and Nonferrous Armors. Updated 4E Lite to reflect Whoa! No levels?. Fixed Marking.


Finally got around to retiring Average Damage and resurrecting Percentile Damage after playtesting revealed problems with the former. Deleted several pages that were hanging around for no reason after some reorg. I’d name them, but they can’t be linked anymore! Put all the Goals Miscellanea on the Campaign Goals page where it belongs, given there is now enough room to do so. Fixed a billion broken links from the reorg on Campaign Goals and House Rules. Added Flanking rules.


Added Whoa! No Levels?, Weapons Break, and Nonferrous Weapons to the House Rules page. Updated Character Death from the same. Updated the Craft and Nature entries on the Modified Skills page. Added Proposed Skill List to the same.


Added Everything as Skills to the House Rules page. Also added Attack Skills and Defense Skills. Edited Injuries.


Wrote Kalidnay, Bodach, and added text to Tyr, thus completing the City-States page. Moved the Dead Rules back to the House Rules page to take advantage of the new, longer page length.


Wrote the entry for Urik and Dregoth. Added and modified text to Hamanu and Kalak, respectively. Added Black Spine Mountains, Crescent Forest, Mekillot Mountains, Smoking Crown Mountains, and Windbreak Mountains in name only to the Geography page to make links work from certain other sections that required them.


Added Sielba and Yaramuke to the Sorcerer-King and City-State pages, respectively.


Added Injuries to the House Rules page.


Added Why 4E D&D? to the Campaign Goals page, as a talking point for why I think we should play 4E D&D when we are changing so much of how it works.


Added a new proposed rule, Modified Skill Progression 2 to the House Rules page.


Wrote the entry for Raam and Abalach-Re. Fixed the broken links on the wiki update log that resulted from moving content around over the past two months.


Wrote the entry for Nibenay, both the place and the person


Wrote the entry for Gulg and Lalali-Puy


Wrote the entry for Draj


Wrote the entry for Tectuktitlay


Created the entry for Balic.


Wrote Andropinis. Added “Ruler”, “Dominant Merchant House”, and “Principle Exports” for each of the City-States


Minor changes to Society including some formatting adjustments and minor content additions/changes to erdlu and literacy.


Changed the wiki main page to include reading recommendations for helping navigate the exploding content.


Created the Goals Miscellanea for all of the “concepts” that are discussed as part of the campaign goals. Touched up some content under Fun, Mechanical Goals, and Personal Goals. Added another touch to Appraise. Tweaked 4E Lite.


Reformatted and condensed content for all the goals pages onto Campaign Goals. The goals pages are now almost all up to date with the reorg.


Reformatted and condensed content for Modified Races, Modified Classes, and House Rules. Also, created the Modified Skills page with first round of content.


Made major updates (basically, wrote anew) the Player Goals page.


Moved Percentile Damage to the Dead Rules page. Added 4E Lite as a proposed rule on the House Rules page.


Created the Dead Rules page for chronicling rules that are not used. Moved aid another and no daily powers to dead status.


With text filled in for Great Ivory Plain and Great Salt Flat the Geography page is now “complete”, inasmuch as each entry has at least a minimum level of description.


Accidentally overwrote and had to recreate the City-States page. That sucked. Entered full details for Silt Archipelago and Vanishing Lake, then realized nearly everything I entered would not be known to PCs at the start and re-wrote them. Also completed Dragon’s Bowl, Endless Sand Dunes, Estuary of the Forked Tongue, Lake Pit, and finally finished the Tablelands entry properly.


Test is tomorrow! Yikes…needed a break. Check out modified races. Lots of good stuff there. We don’t need Wizards (of the coast, anyway)!


Created a new rules proposal, no daily powers. Created a whole new line of thinking about what to do with divine and arcane classes. Stuck that under cleric, and it will make a lot more sense once I get some other stuff written about elemental influences. Also tweaked a portion of the kank description that bugged me.


Created a new rules proposal, modified level progression. Moved Beasts of Burden to the Society page. Also added literacy and barrenness with descriptive text to the same.


Created the Forms page and stuck the header at the top of all the major pages on the wiki.


Added a lot of formatting to the Sorcerer-Kings, Geography, and City-States pages. The idea is to create thematic differences between pages that are written from an in-character perspective and those written from an out of characters perspective. The House Rules and Campaign Goals pages, for instance, will probably stay with the Obsidian Portal defaults. Geography has some different background colors going; I’m leaning towards the papyrus background found on most of the page. Is the combination of font and background difficult to read or distracting? Thoughts?

Also added content to the descriptions of Kalak, Hamanu, Tectuktitlay, Glowing Desert, Auerbakk Mine, Hinterlands, and Ringing Mountains.

Created the Society page.


Added the Character Death page under House Rules. This rule is not complete and wants your feedback! Check it out and either leave a comment or else hit the campaign forum where I created a thread for its discussion. Also created discussion threads for Aid Another and Couter Attack Criticals proposed rules; comments needed. Thanks.


Added Beasts of Burden to the Setting page. They may find a new home later. Many of the main pages such as History and Geography received formatting treatment to bring them towards the new wiki-style. These long pages now feature a table of contents at the head of the page to each section within the page. Further, each section has a “top” intra-link that connects back to the contents anchor.

Also added descriptive text to The Barrier Wastes, Scorpion Plains, The Glowing Desert, and Sea of Silt.


Added some instructions and code examples to the Main Page about using page anchors, which will greatly facilitate the reorganization, whenever that happens. Speaking of which, I also started the reorg on the City-States and Geography pages. Anchors, table of contents, lots of links, so far so good.

What? I got a whole chapter done yesterday and needed a break!


Time to put the pipe down. If I’m to have any chance of passing my exam 10/28, I need to leave this wiki alone. Maybe by decreeing it here, on the wiki-space itself, it will stick. Being a grown up can be a real pain.


The Test page is created for experimenting with some formatting. I don’t intend to get too fancy. While I’ve seen some Obsidian Portal wikis with amazing formatting , those types of things take me an enormous amount of time because I’m not that good at them (and I can’t, under any circumstance produce stuff like this ). I’ll probably stick to HTML tables and whatever formatting cues I get from the Obsidian Portal sidebars.


An accumulation of content causes a crisis of organization, and the re-design begins. The main target end product involves two organizational impetuses:
  • Content written in an in-character/in-game tone and content written in an out-of-character/out-of-game tone should be separate
  • Excessive compartmentalization, while satisfying to the DMs OCD-based idiosyncrasies, is probably a barrier to easy usage of the wiki and its content


The wiki is born.

Wiki Update Log

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