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Abalath edit top

Client village of House Tsalaxa.

Altaruk edit top

A trade nexus at the endpoint of the big fork of the Forked Tongue Estuary, Altaruk is located at the crossing of trade routes from Tyr, Walis, Balic, and Draj. A co-sponsored client village of Houses Wavir, Tomblador, and Rees, all from Balic, Altaruk is possibly the largest population center in the Tablelands that is not a City-State.

Fort Amber edit top

Fort Amber belongs to House Vordon and is unusual for several reasons. When first approached, it appears as a large outpost whose upkeep is waning. Outland villagers outside the large and somewhat battered walls no longer show signs of occupancy. Inside the fort, around 75 employees and 100 slaves service caravans passing through and provide some trade opportunities. The fort is incredibly well stocked inside, befitting its physical size but not its current occupancy. The junior commander of the fort is Anavias who generally greets guests of the fort and answers any questions. Ariste is a senior agent for Vordon and responsible for several routes that run through the fort. He has connections to Jedra who oversees Vordon trade in the emporiums at Altaruk.

Fort Iron edit top

House Stel trading outpost.

Fort Inix edit top

House Shom trading outpost.

Fort Kalvis edit top

A medium sized outpost under the ownership of Tsalaxa, Kalvis is serviced by around 50 employees and 125 slaves. Limrick is a well regarded trader in charge of a fair amount of traffic in and out of this fort. The fort has little in the way of trading opportunities and no permanent emporium or outland villagers servicing it. It is primarily a supply and storage point for Tsalaxa.

Fort Skonz edit top

House Inika trading outpost.

Kled edit top

The dwarves of Kled are dedicated to excavating and restoring the ancient dwarven capital of Kemalok. One of the largest dwarven settlements of the region, its population is upwards of 500 villagers. Kled is chiefed by a venerable dwarf, Barunus son of Kled.

North and South Ledopolus edit top

North and South Ledopolus are sister villages with an almost entirely dwarven population. They sit on opposite banks of the big fork of the Forked Tongue Estuary. Situated in the center of the estuary, and directly between the two villages, is Ledo island. It is no coincidence that the two villages are so situated: perhaps a generation ago it became the focus of an enterprising dwarf to use the island as a way point for bridging the ten or so mile wide estuary. Not long thereafter the two communities were established and bridge building began.

The completion of such a bridge would cut some 150 miles of travel out of the route between the economic powerhouse of Balic and the trade routes of the Ivory Triangle. As such, the project long ago acquired sponsorhip of the Ivory Triangle communities in the North and the Balic Merchant Houses in the South. Thus sponsored, the dwarven clan took to building permanent villages. All of this is well and good save one problem: as is their way, the dwarves set to work before fully considering the entire situation. For instance, not one dwarf thought to inquire about what, or who, was already on Ledo Island. The current inhabitants, as it turns out, are a clan of giants that aren’t thrilled with their lack of input into the dwarves’ building plans.

Giant power versus dwarven resilience…it might be a while before the trade bridge opens to the caravans of the eagerly awaiting merchants.

The Pristine Tower edit top


Village edit top



To Kill a Dragon Gravedigga

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