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Adebisi edit top

Six-strand priestess of Gulg. Referred by Rygar.

Adelard edit top
Adelard (PC stats)
Level 6 Lurker

Small Natural Humanoid (halfling)
XP 0
Initiative +10 ? Senses Perception +2 Insight +3
HP 22, Bloodied 11, Surges 6
AC 19/14 (7/2), Fortitude 15/10 (3/-2), Reflex 19/14 (7/2), Will 17/12 (5/0)
Saves +0
Resists None
Speed 6
Action Points 0
Stone Dagger (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+18 (8) v AC; 1d4+3
Sling (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+17 (7) v AC; 1d6+3
Déjà vu, Distract, and Cloud Mind
As the Wild Talent
Shifty (Minor, At-Will)
Shift as a minor action
Reduce falls by 20 feet for damage
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Halfling
Skills Athletics +3, Diplomacy +1, Nature +3, Psionics +2, Stealth +4, Thievery +1
Str 10 (+3) Dex 18 (+7) Wis 12 (+4)
Con 10 (+3) Int 10 (+3) Cha 15 (+5)
Equipment 20 stone sling bullets

Adelard is one of the two halflings that shared a cell and slavery duties with Lodewijk. A gifted wild talent, his psionic abilities helped in the escape from the Gulgian Templar. His current whereabouts are unknown; he was captured with Lodewijk and Saradac after departing Losthome at the request of Zivlil; his was to be a reconnaissance mission about the Tablelands.

Agis of Asticles edit top

Agis is the human heir of House Asticles of Tyr, an agrarian Noble estate whose principle financial and political power rest in their large land holdings and well-watered fields. He is the image of an idealist, a soft hearted individual born to privelege who fails to understand why cruelty should exist in the world, since he never experienced it. At least, those are the criticisms that were made of him publicly when, as a Noble of Tyr, he decried the unyielding investment in Kalak’s ziggarut. Agis has long been known as a kind individual whose estate treated its slaves very well. More than once, Agis attempted to make economic arguments for the abolishment of slavery.

Agis is known to be a powerful Psion, educated contemporaneously with Tithian at the School of Thought. He was rumored to have a Psychometabolic specialty, but the specifics of his studies are not publicly known. Before becoming head of his estate and after completing his studies at the school, Agis made a pilgrimmage out of Tyr to unknown destinations. It is rumored by his competitors that he learned to dabble in strange and unrecognised arts, as his estate’s produce yields, in both quality and quantity, are the best in Tyr since his return.

Agis was apparently a major player in the rebellion, and appears to have the ear of newly crowned Tithian. Rumors suggest the freeing of the slaves may have been at Agis’ suggestion, since Tithian was not previously known for plebian sympathies.

Alu edit top

A charismatic shaman of the halfling tribe with whom the Oba struck a deal to create a force of halfling scouts and forest rangers. Alu was a vocal opponent to the arrangement as a tribal elder and advisor to Mogg-lul, the now deceased tribal Chieftan. Alu assumed leadership of the tribe since the passing of Mogg-lul, and advised Zivlil he should return home to the Forest Ridge after refusing the overtures of the Oba to maintain the halflings within her city and under her command.

Anavias edit top

Anavias is the senior agent and tenured trade representative of House Vordon at Fort Amber. He had an open demeanor and was seemingly helpful most of the time. He encouraged the idea of trade in dwarven goods from North Ledopolus and was helpful in suggesting the name of Jedra as a potential Vordon contact in Altaruk.

Aristes edit top

Aristes is the Junior Commander of House Vordon’s Fort Amber. He is older, content in his position with the house and role at Amber, and pleased to be reaping the rewards of a lifetime devoted to his house patron. Pragmatic and effective, he keeps operations at the Fort running smoothly and happily responds when guests of the Fort request a tenured representative with whom to speak.

Azzer the Smith edit top

Azzer is one of the master blacksmiths of the Guild of the Hammer, located in Tyr. He currently trains Xanyon as his active apprentice. His guild has associations with the Rebel of Tyr. Beyond basic tools provisioning, his contributions to the Rebel are currently unknown.

Azzer demonstrated the extent of his contribution and support when he recently won one of the two available artisan seats on the Council of Tyr.

Banther, Templar of Tyr edit top

The human ex-Templar and rebel of Tyr, Banther now walks an unusual line between the possibly toppled Templar hierarchy and the upstart and disorganized rebels. Banther’s expiring title under the old regime was Arena Manager, something he considered the pinnacle of accomplishment. Far more physical than typical templars, Banther is nearly as big as a Mul, and built about as squarely. He has a powerful voice, something he currently leverages to push his points over the chaos of the developing political hierarchy. As a previously loyal direct report to Tithian, Banther is in exactly the right position to achieve vast gains under the regime change: his Templar skills and connections are needed to run the new city, he proved himself loyal in cause to the rebellious victors, and he is physical enough to force his points over softer bodies.

Banther is well known and connected to Mahlanda, and that connection is largely responsible for Mahlanda’s success placing gladiator rebels in anticipation of the revolution.

Banther recently took one of two Templar seats on the Council of Tyr.

Caletta, Templar of Tyr edit top

Caletta is formerly one of Kalak’s high Templars in Tyr. Highly respected, she recently won a bid for the Council of Tyr.

Barunus son of Kled edit top

Son of the eponymous founder of the large dwarven settletment of Kled, Barunus is wise and gentle leader of his village. As well he should be, he has lived through at least one entire King’s age.

Cruerex edit top

Cruerex is the (presumably) late informer to Morvak the templar of Tyr. He was found lurking around the Guild of the Hammer, possibly spying. He denied any surreptious activity until severly abused, and then suggested a meeting with Morvak would be best. Morvak implied Cruerex was actually a double agent well know to the Rebel and the Templars to be playing both sides. The veracity of this was never confirmed.

Etheros edit top

Etheros is the human heir of a small plantation house of Tyr. A knowledge runner and general recon-man for the rebel prior to the revolution, he is rumored to be incredibly deft in subterfuge and the clandestine. This actually leaves him at a bit of a loss post-revolution, as the new regime is no longer operating undercover. He is kind and excitable in dealing with those he perceives to be “on the right side” and is doing everything he can to get the post-revolution government off the ground.

He is somewhat known to Mahlanda and currently serves a post at the Golden Palace moving information and contacts to and from the highest levels of the new government.

Gaefal edit top

Gaefal is a lead runner of the Jura Dai. He is a thoughtful and charasmatic elf, who is principally concerned with the well being of the members of his tribe.

Ganolo son of Jo’orsh edit top
Ganolo son of Jo’orsh (PC stats)
Level 10 DefenderPC

Medium Natural Humanoid (dwarf)
XP 0
Initiative +5 ? Senses Perception +2 Insight +0
HP 39, Bloodied 19, Surges 13
AC 23/18 (11/6), Fortitude 22/17 (10/5), Reflex 20/15 (8/3), Will 20/15 (8/3)
Saves +5 against poison
Resists None
Speed 5
Action Points 1
Carrikal (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+21 (11) v AC; 1d8+4, brutal 1
Shield Bash (minor, recharge )
+22 (12) v F; 2d6+5 and prone or pushed 1 (Ganolo’s choice)
Jawaxe (Standard, At-will) ? Weapon
+21 (11) v AC; Range 5/10, 1d6+5
Stubborn (II, when enemy tries to force move or knock prone)
Ganolo makes a melee basic attack against the enemy
Stand your ground
When forced to move, reduce forced movement 1; when knocked prone roll save to stay up.
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Common, Dwarven
Skills Athletics +1, Dungeoneering +1, Intimidate +3, Endurance +3
Str 21 (+10) Dex 11 (+5) Wis 16 (+8)
Con 18 (+9) Int 10 (+5) Cha 11 (+5)
Equipment Crodlu Hide, Heavy Crodlu Shield, 5 Jawaxes

Brother of Orodin, Ganolo is a grim and powerful dwarf who comes off as all business all the time. He is not at all taken with Orodin’s foray into Athasian trading. He was quite content with the idea of letting the Clearwater elves trek across Athas to sell Ledopolus’ wares. After all, that’s what elves do: run around the desert. Nonetheless, he is a powerful warrior and capable caravan captain. He continues to serve in this capacity as a favor to his brother.

Girias, Templar of Tyr edit top

Girias is of the slow and steady sort. He spent decades in the Tyrian Templary slowly working his way to positions of importance. Not especially respected among his peers since winning the long-term battle of attrition isn’t a sexy way to ascend the ranks, he recently lost his bid for a seat on the Council of Tyr representing his fellow Templars.

Janus of House Freydlav edit top

Janus is one of the carpetbagging representatives of the Plebian bloc to the Council of Tyr.

Jaseela edit top

A powerful Lady in Tyr.

Jedra edit top

Jedra is the lead trader representing House Vordon at Altaruk. She was mentioned in conversation by Aristes as a caravan leader who also runs the Vordon stable in Altaruk when the caravan makes berth.

Korgan son of Volund edit top

Current leader of North Ledopolus. Appointed by dwarven tradition, his is the eldest living Focus of the village. As such, he oversees Southward construction of the dwarven trade bridge from the North shores of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue to Ledo island.

Krafke son of Gerto edit top
Krafke son of Gerto
Level 8 ControllerPC

Medium Natural Humanoid (dwarf)
XP 0
Initiative +1 ? Senses Perception +2 Insight +1
HP 25, Bloodied 12, Surges 10
AC 22/17 (10/5), Fortitude 18/13 (6/1), Reflex 19/14 (7/2), Will 18/13 (6/1)
Saves +5 versus poisons
Resists None
Speed 5
Action Points 0
Steel Dagger (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+19 (9) v AC; 1d4+2
Kinetic Trawl (Standard, At-will) ? Augmentable, Force, Psionic
+18 (8) v R; Ranged 10, 1d8+3 and pull target 1; Augment 1: 1d10+3 and pull target 3; Augment 2: 2d10+3 and pull target 3
Force Punch (Standard, At-Will) ? Augmentable, Force, Psionic
+17 (7) v F; Melee 1, 1d8+3 and push target and all adjacent enemies 1; Augment 1: and push 2; Augment 2: and target prone
Stand Your Ground
When forced to move, reduce forced movement 1; when knocked prone roll save to stay up.
Far Hand, Control Air, Skate (Standard, At-Will)
As the Wild Talent
Alignment Good ? Languages Common, dwarven
Skills Athletics +2, Craft +3, Diplomacy +1, Endurance +2, History +1, Nature +2, Psionics +1
Str 15 (+6) Dex 10 (+4) Wis 14 (+6)
Con 15 (+6) Int 17 (+7) Cha 12 (+5)
Equipment Crodlu Hide,

A gentle and mildly inquiring Telekineticist and Sand Skiff operator. Good hearted, well humored, and entrepreurial. He also has a solid grasp of history and a knack for staying alive.

Lestria Wavir edit top

Lestria is the daughter of the patron of House Wavir making her one of the heirs to the largest merchant empire of the Tablelands. She is determined, sophisticated, and active in the business of the House. She is currently working hard to expand Wavir’s reach into the far northern territories of the Tablelands plateau. This mostly involves ingratiating herself and her House to Draj and its God. For their part, the templars of Draj are quite friendly to the idea of expanding trade through Wavir; Tsalaxa’s grip on the city’s economy is a threat to Tectuktitlay’s monopoly on power.

In her most recent visit to Draj to negotiate trade arrangements it is rumored she nearly met her end in an assassination attempt that left at least eight mul attendant men-at-arms dead.

As if she wasn’t busy enough, she recently added advisor to the Council of Tyr to her list of titles and responsibilities. Ambitious as ever, she seeks to position her House favorably shoud “Tyr”: emerge economically from its revolutionary chaos.

Leto edit top

Father of PC Darian, Master Agent of Trading House Orodin, and, apparently, Tyrian rebel sympathizer. Leto spent the last several years serving dual purposes. While he built the House Orodin trading organization from the scratched together resources of its patriarch he was also using those resources to move materials and supplies into and out of Tyr to the benefit of the Rebel. He even claims to have used the disappearance of Darian as cover for his travels and trades about the Tablelands.

Currently, Leto presents himself as quite passionate about the potential of the Rebel’s cause. He sees the opportunity of an economic freedom the likes of which have been previously unknown on the Tablelands. Further, the potential to both establish a stable regime that doesn’t depend upon a Sorcerer-Kings iron fist and demonstrate the ability of a mundane popluce to dethrone their arcane oppressor are unprecedented. His passion may be ahead of his sense, as he abandoned his typically conservative approach to decisions when evaluating the risks and rewards of his current “opportunity”.

Limrick edit top

Limrick is the garrulous trader of House Tsalaxa with principle responsibilities relating to Fort Kalvis. He is a well traveled trader with his ear to the ground and a penchant for getting chatty. He is especially well versed in the areas surrounding the Ivory Triangle. He was clearly only a part time resident of the Fort, and it is likely his gift of gab makes him well received on whatever route he commands.

Linder edit top
Linder (PC Stats)
Level 8 ControllerPC

Medium Natural Humanoid (human)
XP 0
Initiative +6 ? Senses Perception +3 Insight +3
Tactical Leader Aura 10; allies in the aura gain crit on 19 and 20. 20 is not an auto-hit.
HP 30, Bloodied 15, Surges 8
AC 21/15 (9/4), Fortitude 18/13 (6/1), Reflex 20/15 (8/3), Will 20/15 (8/3)
Saves +1
Resists None
Speed 6
Action Points 1
Crossbow (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+15 (5) v AC; 1d8 – 1
Mind Break (Standard, At-Will) ? Psychic
+18 (8) v W; 1d8+4 and vulnerable 5 psychic (save ends)
Force Hammer (Standard, At-will) ? Force
+18 (8) v F; Area burst 1 within 10, 1d6+4 and prone
Force Punch (Standard, At-Will) ? Force
+18 (8) v F; 1d8+4 and push all adjacent enemies 3
Empathy (Standard, At-will)
As the Wild Talent
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven
Skills Bluff +2, Diplomacy +3, Nature +2, Steetwise +3, Endurance +1
Str 12 (+5) Dex 10 (+4) Wis 16 (+7)
Con 14 (+6) Int 18 (+8) Cha 19 (+8)
Equipment Erdlu hide, 20 bone bolts

Human agent of House Tsalaxa, Linder found success running his routes efficiently and profitably. While his attention to the bottom line secured his status and reputation within the House, his style is a bit unorthodox compared to the Tsalaxa reputation. Linder operates in relative autonomy on niche routes and has an exceptionally loyal, hand picked crew. The loyalty is due to his fair and level-headed dealings with his caravan staff. Linder’s trust in his staff has so far been rewarded. He has his eye on Orel, a junior agent assigned to Linder some time ago whose capabilities are exceptional and whose ambitions could pose a threat to Linder’s niche within his house.

Mahlanda edit top

Mahlanda is a human sympathizer with the rebellion in Tyr looking to take advantage of the general malaise caused by The Tyrant’s abuses, including closing the iron mines of Auerbakk. A human of generally unknown capability, she serves as a liason and knowledge runner in the highly compartmentalized structure the Rebel’s forces adopted. She owes some debt to the PCs for their part in refusing to reveal her identity to a Templar patrol, and demonstrated her appreciation by vouching for the PCs in later developments as Darian continued his search for Leto. Her extraordinary efforts and solid connections are primarily responsible for Stravos’ placement as a free man in the powerful House Fenek gladiatorial stable.

Mathias, Templar of Tyr edit top

Mathias is a Templar (or ex-Templar, as one prefers) of Tyr. Rumored to have innumerable illicit and underground connections, he leveraged his contacts to secure himself on the Council of Tyr as representative to the Plebian bloc, which is, of course, a complete sham.

Mogg-lul edit top

Deceased Chieftan of the halfling tribe with whom the Oba struck a deal to create a force of halfling scouts and forest rangers. He died within about two years of creating the arrangement. Notably, of the clan leaders and tribal elders who advised him, Alu was vocally opposed to the arrangement.

Morvak edit top

Morvak is the mysterious templar of Tyr to whom Cruerex the informer reported. His demeanor was level and sophisticated, and he was unerringly amicable, if not a little mysterious. His rank and ability are currently unknown. He seems well informed about the Rebel and its operations, and confident in their eventual failure.

Neeva edit top
Level 18 Skirmisher

Medium natural humanoid
XP 0
Initiative +17 ? Senses Perception +3 Insight +1
Threatening Reach 2
HP 43, Bloodied 21, Surges 8
AC 31/24 (17/12), Fortitude 28/23 (16/11), Reflex 28/23 (16/11), Will 24/19 (12/7)
Saves +1
Speed 7
Action Points 1
Calhulaks (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+28 (18) v AC; Reach 2, 2d4+6
Confusing Calhulaks (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+28 (18) v R; Reach 2, 1d4+3 and restrained UEoNT; sustain minor, can sustain up to two targets
Evasive Chop (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+28 (18) v AC; As Calhulaks, and shift 1 before and after attack
Déjà vu, Far Hand (Standard, At-will)
As the Wild Talent
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Common
Skills Athletics +2, Bluff +1, Endurance +2, Expression +3, Thievery +1
Str 23 (+15) Dex 22 (+15) Wis 14 (+11)
Con 15 (+11) Int 13 (+10) Cha 17 (+12)
Equipment Inix scale

Arena partner of R’kus, Neeva is a powerfully built human female. Her one-two punch with R’kus proved itself over and over again. More of a skirmisher to R’kus’ aggressive charge-and-kill style, Neeva is especially skilled with the Calhulaks. She is quick enough to bite enemies as they close using her chains and prefers to entangle her prey to make them easy for R’kus to flay with his zerka. She trained in the House Fenek stable alongside her partner.

Like R’kus, Neeva is a little uncertain about her post-revolution role. She is not a skilled politician, though she has the natural charisma to navigate a political world better than her arena partner. It was generally Neeva that won the crowds while R’kus methodically took down opponents.

Nok edit top

Nok is the enigmatic halfling who came down the Ringing Mountains speaking of relics stolen from the halflings by “larger folk” from the Tyr region. Slow to trust, he made obvious his decision to share further information only with other halflings. He also made some vague historical references to the “true race” and the “Last Tree”.

Orel edit top
Orel (PC stats)
Level 7 Skirmisher

Medium Natural Humanoid (human)
XP 0
Initiative +7 ? Senses Perception +2 Insight +2
HP 29, Bloodied 14, Surges 8
AC 20/15 (8/3), Fortitude 16/11 (4/-1), Reflex 20/15 (8/3), Will 17/12 (5/0)
Saves +1
Resists None
Speed 6
Action Points 0
Duelist’s Flurry (steel dagger) (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+20 (10) v AC; 4 dmg, slide target 1, shift 1, may apply sneak attack dice even without CA to this attack
Clever Strike (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+20 (10) v AC; 1d4+4; Orel has CA if any ally adjacent to and can attack target.
Sly Flourish (bone dagger) (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+19 (9) v AC; 1d4+5
Attraction (Standard, At-Will)
As the Wild Talent
Sneak Attack
2d6 extra damage with CA 1/round
Alignment Evil ? Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven
Skills Bluff +2, Intimidate +2, Stealth +3, Streetwise +2
Str 12 (+4) Dex 19 (+7) Wis 13 (+4)
Con 13 (+4) Int 11 (+3) Cha 14 (+5)
Equipment Erdlu hide, steel dagger, 5 bone daggers (Orel never uses his steel dagger for ranged attacks)

Orel is a human junior agent of House Tsalaxa. He is an intelligent, capable trader and an ambitious up-and-comer within the House. Orel is known to have a mean streak, and is tempermentally well suited to a house like Tsalaxa that is known for its intrigue. He was vocal in his accusations of treachery on the part of Stravos leading up to and during the ambush on his last caravan.

Orodin son of Jo’orsh edit top

Orodin is the patiarch of House Orodin. More of an artisan than a trader, it occurred to him, with the help of some human friends, that his bridge building focus was just as well served bolstering the Ledopolus economy as it was curing bricks for the estuary spanning causeway. He is only just learning to trade in the Tablelands, hasn’t much the stomach for risk or the head for returns, and is quite uncomfortable as head of a merchant organization.

R’kus edit top
R’kus, Champion of Tyr
Level 26 Soldier

Medium Natural Humanoid
XP 0
Initiative +10 ? Senses Perception +2 Insight +1
HP 63, Bloodied 31, Surges 22
AC 35/30 (23/18), Fortitude 35/30 (23/18), Reflex 31/26 (19/14), Will 33/28 (21/16)
Saves +0
Resists Incredible Toughness x3
Speed 8, 9 when charging
Action Points 2
Zerka (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+36 (26) v AC; Ranged 5, 1d8+7, target impaled on max dmg, impaled targets immobilized.
Remove Zerka (Minor, when target impaled, At-will) ? Weapon
+36 (26) v F; Remove Zerka from impaled target, 7dmg or target prone (choose)
Bone Javelin (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+36 (26) v W; Ranged 10, 1d6+7
Adapt Body, Body Adjustment, Distract (Standard, At-Will)
As the Wild Talent
Draw First Blood (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
extra 2d6 dmg to any undamaged opponent
Warrior’s Surge (Standard, Encounter) ? Weapon, Healing
Make melee basic, spend healing surge
Charging Rampage, Swift Charge (Standard, at-will) ?
As the Barbarian Abilities, +2dmg when charging
Eager, Overpowering, Recoving Charger (Free, at-will) ? Weapon, Healing
+9 dmg, target prone, and spend healing surge as free action with Swift Charge
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Common, Dwarven
Skills Athletics +3, Bluff +1, Expression +2, Endurance +2, Heal +1, History +1, Intimidation +3, Streetwise +2
Str 27 (+21) Dex 18 (+17) Wis 23 (+19)
Con 29 (+22) Int 15 (+15) Cha 11 (+13)
Equipment Inix scale, 5 bone javelins

R’kus is the known as the Champion of Tyr for his unprecedented success in Tyr’s Iron Oval. Individuals often describe him as, “the biggest mul I’ve ever seen.” For all his physical prowess, much of his success is owed to his exceptional awareness in battle and shrewd, intelligent style. A constant student of all forms of combat, R’kus leverages his race’s known vitality to train upwards of 20 hours per day, regardless of the blistering sun’s attempts to dissuade him.

R’kus is associated with the prestigious House Fenek gladiatorial stable. Obviously a principle operator in the rebellion (perhaps the principle operator, considering his contributions to the assassination), R’kus is, like his training partner, Neeva, a little unsure of his post-revolution role. Gladiator combat is all he knows.

Rygar edit top

Agent of House Okeke.

Sadira edit top

Sadira is the half-elf of mysterious origin and power responsible for breaking Kalak’s protective barriers prior to the attack by R’kus. Otherwise known as the “Amber Enchantress” for her powerfully enigmatic and comely persona (and her very long, yellow colored hair), little is publicly known about Sadira. Clearly, she is allied with Agis, Tithian, and the other high ranking members of the Rebel. The nature and extent of her sorcerous powers are completely unknown. Prior to the events of The Tyrant’s death, it was unfathomable to the populace that a mage of sufficient power to challenge any of Kalak’s enchantments could even exist (beyond, of course, the other Sorecerer-Kings). Her current goals and involvement with the new government are also unknown beyond the innermost circles, where she holds counsel with a select few.

Saradac edit top
Saradac (PC stats)
Level 6 Skirmisher

Small Natural Humanoid (halfling)
XP 0
Initiative +7 ? Senses Perception +3 Insight +0
HP 28, Bloodied 14, Surges 8
AC 19/14 (7/2), Fortitude 16/11 (4/-1), Reflex 19/14 (7/2), Will 17/12 (5/0)
Saves +0
Resists None
Speed 6
Action Points 0
Stone Dagger (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+18 (8) v AC; 1d4+3
Sling (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+17 (7) v AC; 1d6+3
Aversion, Control Object, and Control Sound
As the Wild Talent
Shifty (Minor, At-Will)
Shift as a minor action
Reduce falls by 20 feet for damage
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Halfling
Skills Athletics +3, Nature +1, Psionics +1, Stealth +4, Thievery +2
Str 10 (+3) Dex 18 (+7) Wis 10 (+3)
Con 12 (+4) Int 10 (+3) Cha 15 (+5)
Equipment 20 stone sling bullets

Saradac is one of the two halflings that shared a cell and slavery duties with Lodewijk. A gifted wild talent, his psionic abilities helped in the escape from the Gulgian Templar. His current whereabouts are unknown; he was captured with Lodewijk and Adelard after departing Losthome at the request of Zivlil; his was to be a reconnaissance mission about the Tablelands.

Shardivan edit top

Shardivan is a venerable and (purportedly) very powerful dwarf taking up his retirement in North Ledopolus. Shardivan largely keeps to himself and likes it that way; he comes off as helpful and kind yet largely uninterested in the affairs of the wide world around him. Rumors abound about the breadth of his travels and knowledge. The following is known with relative certainty: his is powerful in The Way, he is incredibly old and seem content with the idea of his impending death at old age (a rare Athasian event), he knows at least a little about almost any inquiry directed his way (so long as he is in the mood to talk), and he is fond of mentoring especially capable students in The Way as a sort of retirement hobby.

Fanciful conjectures about Shardivan also abound. Such include that he has seen what lies beyond The Tablelands, he has seen to the death of Sorcerer-Kings, and he has survived encounters with The Dragon itself. It is unlikely any of these are true, but Shardivan seems to like the fancy and mystery of them all. And it certainly helps his cause to be left alone to be viewed as so absurdly powerful. He does make a point of staying a “local phenomenon”; he seems to stear clear of passers-through in Ledopolus.

Master Sintha of Vordon edit top

Sintha is heir apparent to the House Vordon partriarchy, despite his being the fourth born child. An incredibly skilled negotiator, shrewd businessman, and utterly ambitious individual, he adds advisor to the Council of Tyr to his list of titles and accomplishements.

Tithian of Mericles edit top

Tithian is High Templar of the King’s Works, Master of the Games, and arguably the second most powerful individual in Tyr after The Tyrant himself. The burden of the ziggarut’s construction is a heavy one that Tithian has endured for over two decades. Many Draconian policies put into place to expedite completion of the ziggarut come by Tithian’s decree. It was purportedly he who banned the acceptance of bribes on the part of the Templars and conceived of the Inquisitor branch of the Templary. Such policies serve to make it very difficult to circumvent decrees intended to speed completion of the ziggarut including conscripting nobles’ slaves.

Tithian’s presence and persona are publicly well known. Interestingly, he walks the unusual line between Noble and Templar as the second son of House Mericles of Tyr. He is regarded as an extremely powerful Clairsentient and it was his prowess at the School of Thought decades ago that earned him the recognition needed to be recruited into the Templary. Until the pressure of the ziggarut’s completion consumed his daily activity utterly he was known for the occasional lecture at the School. Kalak’s powers of clairsentience are rumored to be weak, and the intelligence Tithian provides may be how he ascended the Templar ranks so successfully. If Tithian has any Defiling abilities outside the powers bequeathed him by his oath to Kalak, they are not publicly known.

T’Klick’Chik edit top

Thri-Kreen Druid of the oasis near Kled.

Toth edit top

Toth is the polite, soft spoken caretaker of Wheelock. His father was some manner of farmer or horticulturalist that raised unique and rarified plants to trade with Wheelock. Indeed, delivering herbs and plant material to Wheelock from the family farm was how Toth made the poinoner’s acquaintance in the first place. He has a wife that lives in and manages a tavern in North Ledopolis. Toth took up the duty of looking after Wheelock after the death of Toth’s father and the revelations of his wife’s tavernal infidelities.

Trevalis of Minthur edit top

Trevalis is the patron of the esteemed and powerful House Minthur of Tyr. He successfully secured a post as representative of the Nobles to the Council of Tyr.

Tuga Dai edit top

Chieftan of the Jura Dai elf tribe of the Tyr region.

Turloff the Wagoner edit top

Turloff the Wagoner is a cruel and successful fashioner of vehicles. Former master of the slave Sult, he made a successful bid for one of the artisan seats on the Council of Tyr.

Urster son of Thrdal edit top
Level 8 Soldier

Medium Natural Humanoid (dwarf)
XP 0
Initiative +2 ? Senses Perception +2 Insight +1
HP 43, Bloodied 21, Surges 11
AC 24/19 (12/7), Fortitude 20/15 (8/3), Reflex 20/15 (8/3), Will 16/11 (4/-1)
Saves +5 versus poisons
Resists None
Speed 5
Action Points 0
Bone Lotulis (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+20 (10) v AC; 1d10+3
Double Lotulis (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
Urster makes two lotulis attacks at 1d10 -1 damage each
Disarm (Standard, At-will) ? Weapon
+20 (10) v R; Urster knocks enemy weapon into square adjacent to both Urster and target
Jawaxe (Standard, At-will)
+20 (10) v AC; 1d6+3
Stand Your Ground
When forced to move, reduce forced movement 1; when knocked prone roll save to stay up.
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Common, dwarven
Skills Athletics +1, Dungeoneering +1, Endurance +1, History +2
Str 18 (+8) Dex 15 (+6) Wis 11 (+4)
Con 19 (+8) Int 13 (+5) Cha 10 (+4)
Equipment Crodlu hide, 5 jawaxes

Urster, whose name is literally translated as “skull’s kin”, is a powerful dwarf warrior of the village of Kled. His name, translated less literally, comes to someting like “cousin of death”; he is so named in honor of his mother, who died birthing him. He is amoung the elite Lieutenants of Kled, responsible for the safety and security of the village.

Like most dwarves, Urster is all business in conversation. Contrary to his moniker, he is nor more glum than the typical Athasian dwarf. His patience is probably his greatest attribute, for he is wicked when his anger is aroused.

Wheelock edit top

Wheelock is the apparently decrepit, brilliantly old, and utterly mad poisoner living in the “pit” based out of the permanent oasis south of The Ivory Triangle. Unparalleled in all things poison, from identifying them to creating them to beating them with antidotes, the poisoner is the victim of his own mad dedication. Years of testing poisons on his person leaves left the man schizophrenic and unable to attend to matters outside his specialty. Thankfully for him, Toth took up the task of managing Wheelock’s daily needs and affairs some years ago.

Vildeen edit top

Lord Vildeen of House Terthani is a member of the Council of Tyr representing the Nobles.

Xanyon edit top
Xanyon, Nanos Gladiator
Level 5 Skirmisher

Medium Natural Humanoid
XP 0
Initiative +7 ? Senses Perception +3 Insight +0
HP 41, Bloodied 20, Surges 10
AC 16/11 (4/-1), Fortitude 18/13 (6/1), Reflex 16/11 (4/-1), Will 16/11 (4/-1)
Saves +0
Resists None
Speed 6 (8 when charging)
Action Points 0
Carrikal (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+17 (7) v AC; 1d8+3, Brutal 1
Bone javelin (Standard, At-Will) ? Weapon
+17 (7) v AC; Ranged 5/10, 1d6+3
Evasive Chop (Standard, At-Will)
As carrikal, and shift 1 before and after attack
Draw First Blood
Extra 1d10 melee damage against any target not yet damaged in the encounter
Warrior’s Surge (Standard, only while bloodied, Encounter) ? Healing, Weapon
Make melee basic, spend healing surge, regain 10hp
Alignment Unaligned ? Languages Common, Dwarvish
Skills Athletics +3, Endurance +3, Intimidate +2
Str 19 (+6) Dex 14 (+4) Wis 14 (+4)
Con 17 (+5) Int 10 (+2) Cha 8 (+1)
Equipment 2 bone javelins

Xanyon is a quiet and remarkably competent gladiator. He has expressed little in the way of personal history; it is unknown how or why he left his gladiator stable to pursue mercenary assignments. Nonetheless, he found his way to North Ledopolus looking to make a living as hired muscle. More recently, his employers took him as far as Tyr where he learned not only some of the subtlety of “working under cover” but also the basic skills of a smithy.

Zivlil edit top

Zivlil is the acting leader of the Losthome halfling settlement. He earned that distinction in two ways: he was the first to escape the Oba’s slavery and escape into the Crescent Forest and he was the original Captain of the 100 warriors sent to Gulg as part of Mogg-lul’s arrangement with said Oba.

He is a natural leader with a calm and charasmatic disposition with a decidedly halfling perspective in addition to being both brilliant and incredibly cognizant of whatever current situation he faces. Unfond of the larger races, he is especially likely to kill humans on sight within the Crescent Forest. Since any human making his way through the Crescent Forest must be either from Gulg or Nibenay, there is little reason for him to react otherwise.

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