To Kill a Dragon

Lodewijk's Ante Adventure


Mogg-lul had been the chief of a large halfling clan in the Forest Ridge. He reached an agreement with Lalali-Puy, the Oba of the tree-city of Gulg, where he would send a detachment of halflings to serve the Oba as scouts and irregular troops—but not as slaves. Approximately 100 halflings were sent to serve the Oba, including Lodewijk and his halfling friends Saradac and Adelard. All parties honorably lived up to the agreement for several years.

According to halfling culture, agreements are made between individuals and not cultures or political entities. When one of the signees dies, the agreement does not remain in force unless the successor agrees to it. When the old chief Mogg-lul died, his successor Alu had no wish to continue the agreement with the Oba, and so the halflings considered the agreement to be in abeyance. Accordingly, their detachment tried to return home to the Forest Ridge.

But the Oba prevented their return and instead threw them all into slavery. Along with countless other demihuman slaves, the halflings were consigned to spend the rest of their days foraging in the forest—under heavy guard. Some halflings escaped and many others died trying; halflings do not take well to slavery and they survive poorly at best.

Slavery in Gulg consisted of forced labor: foraging for tree nuts and other fruits of the Crescent Forest. Nine slaves worked together, three races of three each. Each racial group was responsible for policing the others; if anyone escaped or misbehaved, all were punished. Each work group was accompanied by four guards and one templar of Gulg. The guards were there to prevent escapes, of course, but also to protect the slaves from the forest itself. Nibenay raiders, nightmare beasts, wyverns, and fire drakes were all known to inhabit the forest and occasionally attack foraging groups.

Lodewijk’s Story

Lodewijk, Saradac, and Adelard were enslaved together in the same work group. Over time, they grew accustomed to the dreadful drudgery. They concocted an escape plan using their psionic abilities. Saradac and Adelard would use their abilities to distract the guards and Lodewijk would enhance the halflings’ speed. When the guards were sufficiently distracted, the group would make a break for it and vanish into the forest.

And that’s more or less what happened. Some phantom drake noises, aided by the forest canopy blocking visibility, kept the guards on edge and focused on the sky. One slave’s memory was repeatedly altered so the poor schlub never heard the guards’ commands. When the guards were yelling at the “disobeying” slave, the halflings took off running! The guards fired a few crossbow bolts but the long range and substantial forest overgrowth served to protect the halflings. The templar was able to somehow create a small earthquake and knock Lodewijk to the ground, but he was able to keep moving via mental energy. The halflings disappeared into the forest…

...with nothing but the scraps of clothing on their backs. They spent the next week building up supplies and survival gear, aided by the forest’s bounty and temperate climate. By chance, they stumbled upon a group of escaped halfling slaves that had adopted the name “Losthome Clan”. Led by a halfling named Zevlil, Losthome had existed undetected in the forest for years. The clan had been debating what to do: should they build a new home, try to free their enslaved brethren, or begin the long journey toward their original home in the Forest Ridge? They’d established themselves in the forest as they continued to debate. Each halfling contributed to the clan’s existence, and there were now about 40 halflings in Losthome. The clan’s best estimate was that 20-40 were halflings were still enslaved and alive. All agreed that Losthome must continue to exist as a place for future escapees to come.

Zevlil and the rest of Losthome agreed that whatever their decision, the clan needed to know more about the world around the forest. Terrain, inhabitants, customs, everything. The clan also needed to know about possible routes back to the Forest Ridge. Essentially, Losthome needed scouting, spying, and reconnaissance.

Lodewijk’s abilities matched up well with the reconnaissance need. The clan agreed that Lodewijk would learn about the areas around the forest and toward the Forest Ridge. He would be accompanied by Saradac and Adelard. The three halflings set out.

Their mission was doomed almost from the start. They were captured almost immediately, and Lodewijk lost track of Saradac and Adelard. The next thing Lodewijk knew, he found himself on a House Stel slave barge from Urik en route to the obsidian mines. Oddly enough, that was all he knew—he couldn’t remember anything from before the barge. That is where he met Darian and Stravos, and the rest is history

Finding the Jura Dai

Prior to leaving Kled, the party made a few minor gear trades with the dwarves. The 3 PCs, 12 dwarves, and 12 erdlu left for the Jura Dai camp.

While traveling, the PCs & dwarves developed a new initial plan to present to the elves. The PCs will ask the Jura Dai for the poison itself, and let the dwarves control it. The dwarves would take responsibility for poisoning the oasis if any Stel caravans or Urik guards approach, and otherwise leave it pure. This frees the elves from having to regularly re-poison the oasis. The elves and their kanks are either immune to the poison or the elves have the antidote, so no harm will come to them.

Potential drawbacks: the elves may not trust the dwarves to do what they say; many believe the dwarves are allied with Stel/Urik. The captured druid may not go along with the oasis being poisoned at all, but it’s better than nothing and the party will have to deal with the druid later.

On the way, Lodewijk had an epiphany, remembered his past, and related his story to the party. See Lodewijk’s Ante Adventure for details.

An elf was spotted, but ran away before anyone could do anything.

A short while later, the group heard a scream. Upon investigating, they found an elf woman cornered by a pack of twelve gith. Stravos and Lodewijk drew off most of the gith while Darian and the dwarves came to the rescue (along with another elf who showed up). Eventually the party prevailed. However, the second elf was killed, and Stravos, the elf woman, and several dwarves were beaten within an inch of their lives (and now bear lingering injuries).

The elf woman, whose name turned out to be Jengi, lamented the loss of her dead elf friend (whose name had been Fanan). In gratitude and suspicion, Jengi agreed to lead the party to the Jura Dai fortress, and did so. Lodewijk communed with nature and determined there were no other gith nearby. A search of the gith showed they had been supplied to travel a few days, but certainly not all the way from their home territory. Unanswered questions include what the gith were doing, how the gith got so far from their home, and whether there were more gith in the area.

Several long-abandoned ruins dotted the landscape as Jengi led the party toward the Jura Dai fortress. The fortress turned out to be in poor repair, but still sufficient for defense.

Back on our feet

After escaping the Stel mekillot slave barge and and avoiding being killed by the attacking Jura Dai elves and later thirsty soldiers, albeit we tried hard to get killed by the soldiers, the three adventurers founds themselves in the middle of the desert with only a hazy map.

Deciding to go away from Urik to avoid re-capture by slavers, the group made its way to the oasis on the map. After navigating the desert well enough to get closer to the oasis, they came across mekillot tracks and followed those the rest of the way to the oasis.

The oasis looked good, but had 3 main problems. Mud around half of it that housed a mud monster, an agitated mekillot and poisoned water. after various tests the group managed to purify the water by boiling it while avoiding the mud monster and mekillot, although the halfling did get bitten while gathering dead bird carcases to make a nice hat. the group rested for a night full of boiling hot water, moldy veggies and pine needle beds. we got all our surges back too.

a group of 20 young Jura Dai elves and 6 kanks happened by, but decided to water somewhere else after we couldn’t help them kill or avoid the the mekillot. they did tell us that the dwarves left the food as a gift to the druid of the oasis, and they are poisoning the water because their elder told them to.

just afterwards a group of more than a dozen dwarves children came by, and ignored our warnings of poisoned water, mud monsters and mekillot. one dwarf kid got eaten by the mud monster, and we escorted the rest back to their village, Kled.

There we had a long chat with the village elder, named Barunus and we learned the following:
  • Kled dwarves are rebuilding the ancient dwarven city of Kemalok
  • there are over 500 dwarves in the village
  • the Jura Dai elves are fighting Urik over Stel slavers capturing Jura Dai elves to sell to Tyr as slaves to work on the ziggurat.
  • they are doing this by poisoning all the oasis in Jura Dai territory so Stel can’t water easily, making their caravans harder to run and much less profitable.
  • this is taking away Kled’s water as well, as not only are the Jura Dai poisoning the nearby oasis, but they captured the druid of the oasis. the village is hard up for water.
  • the dwarves have begged Jura Dai to stop, but once Kled was forced by Urik warriors to let Stel caravans use their well, the Jura Dai believe Kled is in league with Urik and Stel.

after sleeping in kled, the group decided to try and help the dwarves of Kled, as it is the right thing to do, and may be the next step to getting mounts so we can return to north ledopolus. we also have a fairly compelling case with the Jura Dai, as we helped them some on the Stel barge, tried to help them at the oasis, and we clearly have a beef with Stel and Urik, as we were also enslaved by stel recently. Our hope is to trade ceramics, some favors from the dwarves and a convincing story to the Jura Dai for either an antidote for the poison, the release of the druid, their agreement to stop poisoning that specific oasis, or some combination there of. force or a jailbreak of the druid are long shots.

we got a dozen erdlu and a dozen dwarven warriors and made our way to the Jura Dai camp, which is in the deep valley close to the ringing mountains….

First adventure!

15th day of High Sun, Priest’s Defiance

House Orodin Status Report: Missing Caravan

As you know, our caravan to Urik was waylaid by a sizable attack force from an unknown tribe of elves. Approximately 50% of the caravan’s cargo, five dwarves, and the caravan’s trade leader Darian were lost. Below are the salient details of that journey, compiled from survivors’ testimony.

The caravan went proximately to fort Cantre Adit to restock, then stopped in Gulg. (The stop at Gulg was indicated by possibility of an additional profitable trade route.) A useful contact was made: Rygar of house Okeke. Rygar conducted a small but satisfatory trade for lumber and expressed interest in future dealings.

Significant trade in Gulg requires the support of their templars. Rygar gave us the name of his contact: “Adebisi” but would not make introductions. Perhaps further cultivation of this relationship would bear fruit.

Caravan contined to Urik without issue. Survivors reports meeting “suspicious” elves at oasis near Urik, but when are elves not suspicious? At Urik, interaction with house Stel was found necessary. Despite their reputation, the house manager was found open and fair—-recommend approaching for future business. Satisfactory trade for obsidian was completed.

Attack occurred about 50 miles outside of Urik. Hostile force attacked from stealth and consisted of about 30 elves dressed all in black. Defense of caravan considered adequate given conditions. Origin of tribe unknown, but slavery is suspected motive.

Caravan then returned to warehouse without further incident. Status of captured agents and employees is unknown. Train profit was minimal due to raiding loss.

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