To Kill a Dragon

First adventure!

15th day of High Sun, Priest’s Defiance

House Orodin Status Report: Missing Caravan

As you know, our caravan to Urik was waylaid by a sizable attack force from an unknown tribe of elves. Approximately 50% of the caravan’s cargo, five dwarves, and the caravan’s trade leader Darian were lost. Below are the salient details of that journey, compiled from survivors’ testimony.

The caravan went proximately to fort Cantre Adit to restock, then stopped in Gulg. (The stop at Gulg was indicated by possibility of an additional profitable trade route.) A useful contact was made: Rygar of house Okeke. Rygar conducted a small but satisfatory trade for lumber and expressed interest in future dealings.

Significant trade in Gulg requires the support of their templars. Rygar gave us the name of his contact: “Adebisi” but would not make introductions. Perhaps further cultivation of this relationship would bear fruit.

Caravan contined to Urik without issue. Survivors reports meeting “suspicious” elves at oasis near Urik, but when are elves not suspicious? At Urik, interaction with house Stel was found necessary. Despite their reputation, the house manager was found open and fair—-recommend approaching for future business. Satisfactory trade for obsidian was completed.

Attack occurred about 50 miles outside of Urik. Hostile force attacked from stealth and consisted of about 30 elves dressed all in black. Defense of caravan considered adequate given conditions. Origin of tribe unknown, but slavery is suspected motive.

Caravan then returned to warehouse without further incident. Status of captured agents and employees is unknown. Train profit was minimal due to raiding loss.

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