To Kill a Dragon

Where are they now?!?

Monastery of the Western MountainTigon

Returning to the high mountains of Athas, we find the monks of the Western Mountain prepared to let Ze’ter undergo the tests to prove he is a true monk. Behind door no. 1 we find Master Monk Whistling Spider, who wishes Ze’ter to learn to reach out with his senses to feel the psionic rhythm. A quick lesson in lethal break dancing later and Ze’ter has learned to see with all of his senses. Behind door no. 2 stands Master Monk Gauntlet, who thinks Ze’ter just needs a good beating. Sending him into a small room, Ze’ter must test his fighting prowess against other monks using only the maneuvers and techniques he has with him, nothing else. After smashing a few faces, and catching a fist to the thorax, Ze’ter not only sees stars, but his accomplishment at another of the monastic challenges. Finally, door no. 3, with Monk Master Insano. Wanting Ze’ter to learn to how to be completely self reliant, he ignores him. The test, it seems, is one of patience and finding a problem to solve on his own. It just so happens one presents itself in the form of delicious lizards to eat… er a tigon to rescue. The beast was ferocious and fearful, but was trapped under a large boulder and slowly dying of thirst and hunger. Seeing another apex predator, Ze’ter cowed the beast and freed it. Hooray! Returning to the Monastery, everyone was adequately impressed by Ze’ter, and that little guy that follows him around and who he shares his meals with. With final words of wisdom, the monks ask if he can investigate what is happening in Tyr and let them know what the whole mess going on there means. Talk about a great segue to…

Pit of Doom, part 2

We find our hapless party of sand skimmers chasing through the desert in search of Leto, or as some might call him “Dad”. Nice guy all around, but apparently caught by some local toughs looking to score a quick bar or two. After searching under every rock and corpse available, the fellas decide there is only one place they could possibly find a captured Leto, and that’s Tyr (what are the odds?)! Quickly skimming to the city, our brave heroes begin searching for contacts who might help. Rescuing a half-elf from the murderous intentions of the elven conclave, they learn… nothing. Rushing to a powerful telepath in the city, they purchase his services and learn… nothing. Bolting to the slave pits they search through the lots of slaves and ask them if they have seen Leto and learn… nothing. Finally, going into the taverns and bars, asking around they do learn something important… templars are enormous assholes, and there is a rebel underground in Tyr (although this isn’t nearly as important, unfortunately). How did our heroes learn this, you ask? They unwittingly harbor a rebel at their barroom table, don’t turn her over to the Templar, and then have to make an action movie exit from said bar through… wait for it… the windows. Ouch. However, it seems this mama’s boy Templar is pretty lame ‘cause he can’t get our heroes nailed down with his magic. Instead, he has to get his thugs to do the dirty work. Pretty imbarrassing if you ask me (but you wouldn’t because I’m the narrator). So, our heroes, sans the really speedy one, find themselves stripped, shaved, and enslaved (haha, get it) in Tyr’s slave pits. That sucks. On the bright side, if Leto’s in the slave pits they might actually find him now…

Will Ze’ter ever be reunited with his pet tigon, Chippy? Will Leto ever be found? Will Tyr ever have its very own condo-hotel ziggurat??? Does anyone get the stupid TV reference? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.


Awesome He-Man post, Mr. mag130. Thanks. And nice picture!


Where are they now?!?

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