To Kill a Dragon

The (Relative) Calm before the Urikan Storm

First, in the two weeks before Morvak tipped off the party that the Urikan army was coming, two items of interest happen. Darien manages to start drawing a pretty robust salary as he gets his gladiator contracts set up. Darien discovers that sortly thereafter, he is making some enemies as he controls most of the gladiator contracts now. With his contracting connections, Darien sets up Sult with a guard job. Lastly, Krafke continues his waterworks planning.

Now, back to present, the party starts off at the council where people are vigorously arguing about how to face the Urikan army threat. The party notices that Turloff, Sult’s old master is there and has a seat as an artisan representative. Sult makes sure to duck out of sight since he recently trashed Turloff’s place.

Girias is also there trying to rally support to name him general of the army which is a post R’kus currently occupies. Neeva draws the party aside and requests them to persuade the top two houses to commit men to the Tyrian army to defend Tyr and the iron mines from Urik. She says if these two houses do this, other houses will follow.

The party returns to House Fenek, but along the way, see Turloff the Evil Hearted (called by his slaves and former slaves) rousing a crowd of artisans in from of House Vordon. Turloff accuses the merchant house of taking too much of a cut from the artisans. House Vordon sends out about 12 guards to drag Turloff into House Vordon and lock him up. The crowd has different ideas and starts to fight the guards. Sult tried to sway the crowd away from Turloff. However, he fails horribly, and part of the crowd is looking at him and his friends. With that action, he turns the crowd so much away from the party that Darien’s actions are ineffective.

The party starts to retreat as more guards fall. Krafke and Sult run to House Fenig to rally men to put an end to Turloff’s mob. At the same time, Stravos and Darien head toward the council on the same mission. While this is happening, the crowd takes down the last of the guards from House Vordon, and start trying to get into the House compound.

Krafke and Sult arrive first with some men and go to secure Turloff. Turloff says to the mob that the guards are aligned with the merchants and are taking him away. Luckily, Darien and Stravos arrive at about that time. Darien talks Turloff into believing the men are actually taking Turloff away for his safety. Turloff is taken off and the mob dissolves. The party continues onto House Fenig and spends the night there.

The next morning, Krafke goes off to repair his sand skiff while Sult goes to work his job. Darien and Krafke go off to convince the top two houses to commit men to engage the Urikan army. First stop is house Terthani. Vildeen, the head of the house, speaks to them. Darien tries to sweet talk Vildeen, but does not make much headway. Stravos steps in and manages to intimidate Vildeen. However, not completely though as Vildeen still asks for 50 men before he will commit his troops for the defense of Tyr and the mine.

With a deal with House Terthani, Stravos and Darien start to head toward House Minthur to secure men from them as well. However, on the way, they run into a man with a strange accent rousing a large crowd. The party hears him exclaiming the advancing Urikan army is a lie perpetrated by the council. The crowd is getting pretty riled by this.

Darien or Stravos starts injecting streetwise knowledge into the crowd that a person with that kind of accent is from Urik. Someone shouts at the man demanding to know where he is from. The man hesitates allowing Darien to sway the crowd that the man is from Urik. The Urikan man decides to run off. Stravos and Darien start to follow, but lose him. They decide to head onto House Minthur.

Once there, they meet Trevalis, head of the house. After the pair talk to Trevalis for a while, they finally hash out a deal. Trevalis will provide men for the war effort if they will damage a rival’s compound. With that last deal negotiated, Darien and Stravos head back to House Fenig to meet with Krafke and Sult and explain the status of the two houses they spoke to.

The whole party decides to go that night to the rival compound to deal the appropriate damage and get House Minthur on board. Once at the compound, the group surveys that there are guard posts a ways out circling the compound. The compound is a series of buildings including grain stores surrounded by a tall hedge. There are two erdlu pens attached to the outside compound formed by hedges.

The group decides to sneak past the guard posts, open the gates to an erdlu pen and burn the hedges causing damage and stampeding the erdlu. After that Stravos would leap over the hedge and light a building on fire. Krafke would set another building on fire by telekinetically moving a torch onto the building.

The plan almost failed when some of the party (mainly Sult) made too much noise sneaking past the guard posts. Luckily Darien disguised everyone as erdlu. It worked so well that the guard led the “erdlu” to the pen perfectly setting up the party to execute their plan.

The rest of the plan worked pretty much flawlessly. Sult also light some of the compound hedge on fire to add more confusion just after Stravos and Krafke ignited their respective buildings. The group then manages to escape into the night and heads toward House Fenig to get some rest.

On the way back, the party is ambushed when a jaw axe crashes into Darien. As the party prepares to engage two elves on a roof, three more elves slip out of an alley. As Sult unsuccessfully tried to stay on the roof and battle the two elves there, the rest of the crew were trying to fend of the other three elves. Krafke and Darien did some damage, but finally when down. Stravos and Sult finished up the rest of the elves except for one which fled. After reviving the rest of the party, Stravos tied up one of the elves and killed the other unconscious elves. When the elf revived, it basically did not answer any questions, then turned invisible and tried to escape. It did not get very far though and was killed.

The party finally made it back to House Fenig and had a good nights rest.

The end…. for now. Tune in next week when the army of Urik is upon Tyr.



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