To Kill a Dragon

The New Order

Placeholder for when I get time to flesh it out.

Things to discuss:

  • Beginning of Darian’s negotiation with gladiator stables to line up employment contracts.
  • Darian & Stravos visit Council and ask to become overseers of water and food production. Council debates and denies.
  • Council breaks up Tyr-held farmland and distributes small parcels to ex-slaves.
  • Political fallout and the new politics of Tyr.
  • Beginning of Krafke’s water works wandering.
  • Krafke re-establishes himself at psionic school and moves his skiff there; Sult accompanies him and learns school costs 1 silver/week.
  • Sult’s invasion of his former master’s home. Turloff, aka Bill the Evil-Hearted, turns out to be on the council. Sult also wants to investigate the ziggurat.
  • Riots, disorder. Sand skiff looted & busted up, PCs broke again.
  • Discussion with Girias, the veteran slow-and-steady Templar who’s pissed because he was not chosen to be on the Council. (Later he would be pissed again because he got passed over to be a commander of Tyr’s army.)
  • Darian and Stravos encounter a mob bent on attacking & robbing rich-looking people. D&S talk their way out of it.
  • Meetings with Morvak.
  • News that Urik invades! Waking up Etheros, Sadira & R’kus, Tithian, then emergency council meeting.

More coming as I can remember it.



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