To Kill a Dragon

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A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

After the standoff in the Guild of the Hammer, the PCs returned to the skiff and discussed their Guild approach for the next day.

The next day, Xanyon went to his blacksmith apprenticeship under Azzer and the other PCs took up their usual spot at the neighborhood tavern. The bartender mentioned that a particular dude had been hanging around the area. The PCs cornered the guy in an alley and brought him into the tavern for drinks and more questioning. The man said little other than his name, Cruerex. Darian was able to glean some information by reading psychic impressions from the man’s drinking mug. Suspicious, he had the bartender give Cruerex a glass of his “finest”. Cruerex eventually passed out from the poison and the PCs carried him outside into a back alley.

They interrogated Cruerex and learned he was an informant for the Templars of Tyr. The Templar Morvak had suspected a rebel cell at the Guild of the Hammer, and he told Cruerex to watch the Guild for suspicious activity. The PCs confiscated his dagger, told him to stay away, released him on good faith, and returned to the tavern. When Xanyon finished his work day, the PCs returned to the Guild.

A New Hope

The PCs found Azzer and Mahlanda there, who agreed to lead the PCs to Leto. Azzer and Xanyon stayed behind to close up shop. Mahlanda led the PCs through an ancient network of tunnels well below Tyr. Eventually they emerged into a room and found Leto waiting for them. After an emotional reunion between Leto and Darian, everyone discussed what was going on.

Leto, Mahlanda, and Azzer were helping the Rebel. This was a loose network in Tyr preparing to overthrow the Sorcerer-King Kalak. Mahlanda was in logistics and was a runner between different cells: everything was fragmented so nobody would know too much in case someone was interrogated by the Templars.

Leto had gotten involved through his trading activities with House Orodin. He became a smuggler, using his trading across the Tablelands as a cover. Appearing to search for his son Darian gave him a pretext to go anywhere he wanted. The Templars were beginning to suspect Leto’s Rebel involvement and he was laying low for a while.

Darian released Stravos, Krafke, and Xanyon from his service. Loyal to his father’s cause, Darian pledged himself to the Rebel. After some discussion, Stravos and Krafke agreed to be placed where they could help the Rebel when the time was right. Xanyon was later given the choice to be more actively involved with the rebel.

The Empire Strikes Back

On their way back to the skiff, Stravos, Krafke, and Darian were attacked by a thrax. The undead water vampire nearly drained Krafke dry before Stravos and Darian could destroy it.

Upon return to the skiff, the PCs noticed the theft of their scrolls from the salt flats caravan. They suspected that templars were involved and this was indirectly confirmed by Tyr’s caravan guards.

The next morning, the PCs re-entered Tyr. A hooded man beckoned them into an alley and they were led to a meeting with a Templar named Morvak. Morvak politely told them Cruerex had been a double agent and was now probably dead. He offered the PCs a chance to meet with his superiors and to become double agents themselves. The PCs declined and left.

Control, control, you must learn control!

The PCs were taken by Mahlanda to where they could best benefit themselves and the Rebel. They were told to improve themselves and that they would know what to do when the time was right. Darian and Krafke enrolled at Tyr’s School of Thought and greatly increased their psionic power.

Mahlanda got Stravos a place in the prestigious gladiator house Fenek, where he bumped into R’kus, the gigantic mul champion of the house. R’kus challenged Stravos to a duel. R’kus prevailed but was impressed with Stravos’ skill and potential.

Stravos was partnered with a large mul named Sult. They were entered in a fight with a tembo, a shadowy, quick magical beast. Thanks to Sult’s resilience and Stravos’ deadliness, the gladiator team prevailed. They resumed their gladiator training and fighting.

What will happen to our unlikely rebels? Will the Rebellion get that shield generator down? Or will it be the shortest offensive of all time? Stay tuned.


I vote, “shortest offensive of all time!”

Nice write up. Thanks,


Red Leader, Standing By

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