To Kill a Dragon

Here once the embattled farmers stood

And fired the shot heard round the world?

Things that happened previously:

  • Stravos was made a Lieutenant of the Tyrian Army and given command of about 350 soldiers of varying abilities and backgrounds (aka the Legion of Doom or LOD). Most were worthless or scrubs, a few proficient, and one elite group of gladiators. One group consisted of Templars, a few had gladiators, most were ex-slave farmers, artisans, or urban poor
  • Stravos made Sult, Darian, and Krafke his aides
  • Stravos convinced several gladiators of various houses to enlist under his command
  • Stravos was able to round up enough suits of erdlu armor to equip the scrubs
  • Sult put the raw recruits through a day of drills
  • Darian and Krafke acquired water, water barrels, and wagons to supplement Tyr’s rations. Wagons were “borrowed” from Turloff’s workshop and barrels were lent by the merchants
  • LOD mustered and marched into the mountains. The army marched to defend the Iron Mines
  • Stravos and Sult took a small group on a scouting mission. Got ambushed by elves, both sides took serious losses, elves eventually withdrew. Eventually saw the Urikites from a distance, returned to Tyr to report.
  • Darian and Krafke established watch points at strategic locations leading to the Iron Mines. Eventually saw the enemy from a distance, reported to Tyr and to the main force at the Iron Mines. Eventually returned to Tyr. Rejoined Stravos & Sult
  • Urik’s army appeared to be marching directly on Tyr. Tyr’s main army set up an ambush for Urik’s army. LOD in charge of leading Urik’s scouts and vanguard away so they could not screen Urik’s army from Tyr’s trap.
  • LOD ambushed & destroyed several small Urikite scouting parties. Captured missile weapons and several kanks
  • LOD set up a mini-ambush for Urik’s vanguard in a defensible position. Urik’s vanguard was lured in, proved to be twice the size of LOD. LOD could not really contain Urikites
  • Urik’s vanguard was led by two B’rohg. These began to crush the LOD conscripts. LOD took out the psionicists controlling the B’rohg and they turned on the Urikites. Most Urikites attacked the B’rohg.
  • Stalemate? Bloodbath?
  • Next step for LOD: getting Urik’s inixes into inix fury to cause as much disruption & damage to Urikites as possible. psionically convincing them they are thirsty? focus firing them into bloodied status?



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