To Kill a Dragon

All Roads Lead to (or Stay In) Tyr

In the Mountains to the west of Tyr

Lodewijk and Zet’er st’dti’s complete their training at the monk monestary and decide to leave. Not quite sure where to go, the decide to head toward a halfling settlement across the mountains to the west. They are accompanied by three psionists from the monestary who have pledged to escort them to the edge of the mountains due to the dangers inherent in them. As they head west trying to make their way through the various passes, they come upon 3 halflings under heavy attack from Tigone of the Ringing Mountains and the Tigone’s Gith masters.

The party manages to kill or drive off the attackers after some combat although not before a halfling and Lodewijk go down unconscious. They are quickly brought to their senses after the battle. Nok, who appears to be the halfling party leader, thanks the monk party for coming to their aid. When questioned about their business in the mountains, Nok replies they have come from the halfling village on the west side of the mountains. To Lodewijk’s pleasure, they have knowledge of the passes to get to that village which the monk party was heading towards. Nok continues that they are looking for some halfling artifacts which they appear to have lent to the rebels in Tyr. However, the rebels have decided not to return them to the halflings. When pressed, Nok will not reveal what functions the artifact possesses.

Zet’er st’dti and Lodewijk decide to join up with them since Lodewijk wants to help out his fellow halflings. Also, the halflings are on their way to Tyr, which is where the monk pair last saw their friends. They might be able to see their friends again if they are still in town.

Meanwhile, Back in Tyr

Krafke and Darian train at the School of thought while Stravos trains as a gladiator with his partner, a mul slave named Sult.

Over this time of training, three items of interest occur. First, Morvak the templar, happens to run into Darian at the bar. As Darian make polite conversation, Morvak relays the idea that the sorcerer-king is good for Tyr. And if the rebels would succeed in an overthrow attempt, then Tyr would fall into a devastating anarchy.

Two, Krafke and Darian visit Stravos, and meet Sult for the first time. Krafke and Sult start off on the wrong foot when Krafke calls Sult a half breed.

Three, it is announced that the ziggurat will be completed soon and when it is, a huge gladiator event will ensue. Rumor has it that all former freeman who are slaves will be freed again. All slaves taken by the sorcerer king will be returned to their former owners. Rumor also as it that attendance of the event is mandatory.

Finally, the day of the ziggurat completion and the huge gladiatorial event arrive. Darian and Krafke find themselves corraled by their School of Thought to the stadium as the mandatory attendance rumors turn out to be very true. Part way there, they manage to give the school the slip and setup a watch on the second story of a building next to the stadium. They see templars searching each house, so decide go outside to bluff them. The templars don’t buy it, and send them towards the stadium. Luckily, by the time they get to the stadium, the gates have been closed. So, they remain outside the stadium as the gladiatorial event begins.

As Krafke and Darian stand outside, Stravos and Sult are about to start their first event inside the stadium. In this event,6 teams battle each other. The last team standing wins. Sult and Stravos enter as a team After a fairly quick match, the fighting pair emerge victorious with not much of a struggle.

After some other events go on, Stravos and Sult come back into the arena for another event. This time, the pair fight against two B’rohg Hunters, a sort of half-giant, and four dwarves. Things get a little dicier especially with the B’rohg Hunters throwing rocks (and people), but the duo still manage to capture another win. Their reward is a place in the final event fighting alongside R’kus, Champion of Tyr.

That ends this weeks latest exciting chapter in the To Kill A Dragon saga. Tune in next week to find out if:

  • Sult and Stravos survive (or possibly win) the main event.
  • The sorcerer-king sucks the lifeforce out of everyone in the stadium.
  • The rebels are really evil and are planning to do some nasty things with halfling artifacts.
  • The rebels are really good and are planning to do some nasty things with halfling artifacts.
  • The rebels win and brutal anarchy ensues as Morvak predicted.
  • And much much more… :D



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